Chess And You: How To Prepare To Play

The chess game that everyone plays today is a product of evolution over the last 15 centuries. For some people, chess is a boring past. But people who play it every day, join chess clubs, play online, and compete in chess tournaments will say that chess is actually quite interesting. To understand their enthusiasm, you have to know how chess works.

Over the past 1500 years, chess has gone through several modifications before finally becoming the game we know it today. For some people, chess is a boring past. However, people who play chess regularly find board games quite exhilarating. You just need to understand how the game works.

History of Chess

Although there is no official documented evidence to support this theory, most historians believe that chess was pioneered in Persia. Historians also believe that chess was not meant to be a game at all, but rather as a military tool for developing combat strategies. Chess was widespread in medieval Europe. Everyone is kidnapped by chess. Both nobles and peasants learned to play chess. According to historians, Europe is where chess was turned into a game.

Placement of the Board

Technically, any chess tournament cannot be started without proper board arrangement. Every little detail of the setup is very important. There is even a rule written in the “ Laws of Chess ” which explains that before two players can engage in the game, the board needs to be positioned such that the bottom right square must be white, and that this must be the same for both players.

Game Pieces

Generally, the game pieces symbolize the European hierarchical structure. Pawns are dispensable like commoners in medieval times. In matches, your pawns are more than commoners. They serve as the front man. Then, there is the fort. They represent your sanctuary. You also have a pair of knights as your chess pieces. During the medieval era, knights were valuable soldiers, valued by the royal family. On the chess board, the queen is the most dominant character. Don’t ignore your king. If the king is caught, it’s game over.

The position of the game pieces is very important. When the pieces are arranged properly, the order of the white King and Queen must be reversed from the black King and Queen. Arrange the pawns in rows, in front of your key play pieces. When a player controls a white skin, the pieces must be arranged left to right in the order of rook, knight, bishop, queen, king, bishop, knight, rook.

Although there are no written rules, players know that the pieces must be properly arranged on the board to start the game. Making sure that everything is in the right order is a sign of respect for the game and your colleagues.

With the internet providing you with a steady supply of players ready to challenge, chess is gradually making its comeback in the social world.

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