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A well-made chess table will not make you a better chess player but it will bring a level of class to your game, and the room it is in, which a regular chessboard cannot match.

More than a piece of furniture, a chess table makes the statement that you are not just a chess player, you are a chess connoisseur!

As you can imagine, the chess table is only there for playing chess. They are usually made of solid wood with rosewood, cedar, and mahogany being the most popular. Exotic wood versions are also available.

Chess boards are generally made of inlaid wood which is an integral part of the table top. Most desks also provide two flavored drawers for storage of pieces and pawns.

Like any other piece of furniture, the manufacturing process runs the gamut from being mass-produced to the one-of-a-kind, handmade collector’s piece. The prices also range widely. Expect to pay in the neighborhood $ 500 for upscale manufacturing parts and $ 1500 and for handmade pieces. Of course, there are chess tables available for under $ 100 as well.

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Having a chess table in your game room can be a great way to annoy your opponent when he walks into your game room for the first time. This gives the same message that pool players convey when the custom pool cue doesn’t cut off at the table! You can get your bluff and, perhaps, take him straight to the endgame!

Even if mind games are not your style, there is no denying that a chess table is just a beautiful and functional piece of furniture that any room in your home will hold.

When you have a chess table, you have a small piece of chess history that comes from the game itself. You deserve something good, so take a look at several chess tables and pick one for your home.

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